It's everywhere. Our bodies consist of roughly 60% and it's 71% of the Earth’s surface. But why is it so darn important that we drink it everyday? Water is uber important in helping maintain the health of cells in our bodies. It helps transport nutrients to parts of our body and waste out of it.  How much do you need? If you are moderately active, between 1 to 2 litres a day as you also absorb liquids in your food. Signs that you're dehydrated? Sugar cravings, lethargy, constipation and headaches. Charming. And by charming I mean not charming at all.  Looking for access to clean water options, check out this baby... we have one at the Goods now too if you wanna swing by and check it out. Drink up.

Photo Cred Lisa Today I'm showing off my early birthday present from my family, oh I just love them and this filtration system. Laugh all you want, but this was the only item on my list this year. Our bodies are made up of somewhere between 60-70% water, if I'm drinking tap water which the city uses chlorine and aluminum to purify that means a percentage of my body water also includes chlorine and aluminum. And while I appreciate the effort Toronto goes to to ensure our water is safe, I feel it's up to me to take it to the next level and filter out everything missed as well as anything added. I know, I KNOW you'd rather not know and go about your business, I get it.'s not that big of a deal to have safe drinking water in your home and this is why I chose the Berkey system. It's made in Canada by Canadians, it's way less expensive longterm than other options, it looks great and filters the heck out of your water. You can use it at home or even take it up to the cottage to filter lake water. Plus the elements last for years! It's a no brainer. Information from the city of Toronto on our water, click here.  

photo cred Cat Forget Pepsi - this lemonade is the choice of the new generation (oh yes, I'm well aware that I just dated myself). Regardless, here's what you need: 1 glass of water (preferably room temp so it's not such a shock to your body first thing) 1/2 lemon, juiced 10 drops, liquid stevia (optional & fyi, bought it at Bulkbarn) Stir it all up and drink it down.  Have this first thing in the morning, ideally at least 15 minutes before you have your breakfast. My little one joins me every morning with this lovely A.M. ritual. Now are you ready for this?  Check out all the awesome benefits of lemon water... It helps fight colds, stimulates brain function, balances overall body pH, reduces hunger pains, flushes out all the crap in your body, french-kisses your liver which helps digestion, helps with no. 1 & no. 2 so you rid your body of toxins faster, freshens your breath and even gives you a boost of Vit C which helps your skin and helps you find your happy place. I mean c'mon. p.s. Remember to wash your lemons before you cut them. In fact, make it a rule to wash all fruit and veg before you eat/slice 'em regardless of if you eat the skin or not.