GMO is such a buzz word these days and most people don't even know what it means. Here is an easy to watch and informative video explaining what GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are all about. It's important to at least know what's going on with your food and then you can decide what you want to eat from there. Thanks Onge for sharing, good one girl!

[youtube=] We're geting a touch political on this Celeb Tuesday. Woody Harrelson has always been my favourite actor, kind of interesting looking back as I knew little about him then other than a few of his movies. If you don't know he is very active in the vegan community and is a raw foodist, plus he speaks his mind on numerous other tough topics... basically the guy knows what's up. Video above was edited to Woody's politically charged pome Thoughts From Within.

[youtube=] I didn't know! I was looking to post an interview with Carol Alt, the 52 year old, gorgeous model who also happens to be an advocate for a high raw lifestyle.  And it turned into double time when Strombo admitted he'd gone vegan... clearly a bit uncomfortable in his new skin but he's trying. I love what Carol has to say, such a good attitude. Here is another good vid if you want to hear more from her.

[youtube=] This is a sliiiightly long video of Josh Rachlis and me making smoothies. Josh is AWESOME, he looks so much like Daniel Craig it's distracting and the guy is good at everything! Acting, writing, voiceovers, standup comedy, being a good guy, he's even dabbled in politics. Insane. Anyway he's ready to take his game to the next level and green smoothies are going to get him there. Just you wait and see. Thanks Josh! The Goods loves you, keep us posted.