This was a fun interview with Jim the creator of Travel Mammal, it was a single question - What does food mean to you? "Whether we’ve truly made the connection between food and our well being doesn’t matter; what we eat affects us the same regardless of our awareness."  Lisa Labute For my full answer, check out the interview and have a look around the site, there is lots of wonderful content about travel, food, culture and experience.

[youtube=] Continuing Celeb Tuesday with a great Alicia Silverstone interview. She's been in the business of eating plants exclusively for over 15 years and wow does she look good. Alicia sums up what an exciting experience it is experimenting (say that three times fast) with vegan foods. Know your food can be more, it will work some surprisingly good magic on your body, mind and being. Check out the first five and a half minutes, the host gets pretty pumped up too, I love that!