[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzlnQ1Z-Fzw&w=560&h=315] I stumbled across this documentary over the weekend on Netflix, it's very beautiful and all the teachers so diverse yet equally inspiring with their unified messages. If it was up to me this doc would be required viewing and this required reading for all. Enjoy this beautiful day! One love.

  We love our brothers here at the Goods and my one and only bro turned 30 yesterday, thank the gods* the kid is finally catching up. I'm blessed to have grown up along side such an amazing person. Luc never gives up and he never settles. He has mastered the art of finding the positive in every situation. He's as stubborn as a terrier but will give you the shirt off his back... and lord knows my friends would love to see him pull that shirt off his back... ugh. His drive and work ethic is an inspiration and I expect big things from this guy in the years to come. Actually I was rallying this weekend for him to run for mayor of Windsor... watch it Francis. Basically Lucas I want to thank you for being the best and while I have been told my entire life that I have the best brother I don't tell you enough that I have the best brother. Thank you for everything and especially thank you for being there for me always. Oh and thanks for introducing me to this gem, I have it on repeat just like you used to! Happy Birthday little brother! Here's to your best year yet. xo *I'm on a Battlestar bender, frak me!  

photo cred Cat I'm having one of those days that I have forced myself to stop, drop and roll. It's the metaphorical smoke that I'm trying to get away from. And as you know, if you place faith in the universe, she usually finds a way to make things right. You take a deep breath, remember that it's one day at a time and breathe (god-damn it, breathe). Whatever is going on, it too, shall pass. We are blessed to be alive and to have love in our hearts. So this post is dedicated to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, crazy or maybe even a little dazed and confused. This song instantly lifts my spirits and transports me to a time when things were not necessarily better but maybe simpler.

Before and after raw food This is Morgan. THE GOODS is obsessed with Morgan. The picture on the left is Morgs December 2012 and on the right... well that's last week. She's smokin' hot eh. Morgan fought her weight most of her life, when she met her I-love-pastries-and-can-eat-everything-fiance things got worse. Her breaking point came early this year and she made the choice to clean it up. Soon after she joined THE GOODS team and started eating more raw, plant-based, clean foods and green drinks daily. Approaching this lifestyle transition in such a healthful way helped her ditch 85 lbs AND look fantastic doing it. Her advice for all of us is to eliminate refined foods (sugar/flour especially), even for a week, and your palate will find pleasure in the sweetness of real foods. This month Morgan and I are going to do a 5 day cleanse eating only THE GOODS and juicing. So great! Morgan I am in awe, your total commitment to everything you do is beyond admirable. I'm so grateful to see you almost every day, what would I have done without you lady! You blitz with the best of them.

photo cred Cat So now that I'm back at work, I get together with a few of my fav peeps, which also happen to be smokin' hot Mumas with multiple kids (ra-spect), and eat The Goods (obviously). This awesome "power-hour" is often full of mad love, swapping current stories and pics of the little ones, strategizing on how we will take over the world and laughing probably louder than we should. But it got me thinking about the power of eating together. It's pretty magical stuff. I'm talking about taking a moment to enjoy your food with someone. I understand that sometimes there is simply not enough time to take the proverbial hour for lunch but you can spare at least a moment. Allow yourself to enjoy one of life's basic necessities. Not only does taking that break actually make you more productive but having even a quick catch-up convo with a workmate/pod-mate/like minded food-mate while eating will foster feelings of security, belonging, well-being and even love. Great food is awesome, eating it with great people is even more awesome. Double rainbows - mind-blowing.