For pure sh*ts and giggles (as Skinner would always say) we're going to start posting random facts along side random pics throughout the week on top of our usual outrageously insightful and ever-inspirational blog. So here we go (p.s. we lied about the blog hiatus). The mighty orange always gets associated with vitamin C but it's the fiber count which is far more noteworthy (besides kiwis have 10x more vit C but I digress...). Did you know that the pith (the white fleshy part) has just as much fiber and good stuff than the actual fruit itself? Studies have found that the orange peel, has over 60 flavonoids and 170 different phytonutrients. What the hell are those? Doesn't matter, know the more the merrier and it sounds very impressive and will impress people around you when you mention it. Here are some other factoids about l'orange:
  1. Navel oranges are called just that because its bottom part looks like a belly-button.
  2. Orange is the world’s third favorite flavor. Chocolate and vanilla take the first two places (I think hummus might be in forth)
  3. Captain Kirk (aka. Canadian born William Shatner) used to work at a local orange juice store back in the day.