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Photo Cred Cat I love gardening.  It's a new passion of mine since I've become a home owner.  I come from a strong line of incredible gardeners (my wonderful Mom and brother Simmah) so naturally I wasn't surprised that my daughter showed an instant love of the garden at an early age.  Mini gardening gloves and a full mini set of gardening tools were purchased to encourage and nurture this passion for the outdoor (thanks Muma). Up until now her version of gardening has been exclusively watering everything to an inch of its life, and trying to save worms so I was ecstatic with her recent request to actually plant her own mini garden. So off we went to Home depot to get some soil and seeds. Unfortch, seeds are impossible to find at this time of the year (August). I improvised and found some seeds in the garage that I forgot to plant this year (a-ha! procrastination does have its benefits).  Prior to planting, she decorated the egg carton with stickers and markers and added a popsicle cardboard sign. She filled up her recycled egg carton with soil (though next time we'll use a plastic egg carton), added a little water, placed the seeds on top, added a bit more soil and a bit more water and voila, done.  Now all we have to do is wait and see.  Even I'm a bit excited to see the results What you need:
  • small bag of soil (or just grab some soil from your garden if you have one as you only need a little)
  • pack of seeds (sunflower, peas, nasturtiums)
  • plastic egg carton
  • 1 popsicle stick
  • glue stick
  • a square of recycled cardboard (look in your recycling bin for anything with a sturdy stock)
It may not be spring but the prospect of new plants growing from seed is a great preventative measure to the inevitable onslaught of winter.