photo cred Cat Winter is fast approaching.  I know this because my skin is becoming uncomfortably dry.  Lotion and potions never do the trick and who the hell wants all those chemicals on and in your body anyway? Never mind the cost - it's outrageous, I tell ya. A few years ago, my fabulous Mother-in-law (oh yes, they do exist) turned me onto her secret and oh-so-easy homemade after-shower lotion and I've never gone back. Here's what you do: Combine in a bottle: Extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of any essential oil you like the smell of. I'm partial to rose oil.  After you bathe, apply to your entire body Voila. You have a non-chemical, all natural, inexpensive and super hydrating body lotion. Or an even cheaper but just as fabulous option is to just use organic coconut oil (Thanks Alexis for the inspiration....Hollah).  Oh, and don't forget to dry brush before you bathe - your body will thank you.

Photo cred Cat As some of you might know, I turned my life around over 4 months ago. I have shed 31 lbs to-date and the crazy part is that it's been the easiest thing I've ever done.  I have one smoothie every day as a meal replacement and eat whole foods the rest of the day Some of my new favourite snacks include quinoa, hard-boiled eggs, avocados and kale chips.  Ahhhh, the kale chip.  When I was first introduced to them, I kinda lost it.  Insta-love.  They're salty and scrumptious and best of all, so damn good for you.  Forget your, greasy, hydrogenated, 400 calories per chip, chip - I've gone to the bright side and I'm not sending you a postcard. So there. Here's what you need: Kale Chips 1 bunch of kale (the wiltier the better) 1 -2 tbsp cold-pressed EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) - depending on quantity of kale. Himalayan sea salt (don't be shy folks) Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees. Wash kale, remove stems and tear the kale into pieces. Place kale in a huge bowl and add EVOO & salt and massage thoroughly Place single layer of kale on an oven sheet 35 minutes cooking time.  Kale should be crispy to touch Good luck on trying to stop yourself from eating the entire tray.  But then again, it's KALE, so who cares.