Parkdale Street Art While in Bali last April I had a wonderful chat with a friend, I'll be damned if I can remember who it was and maybe in fact it was many conversations tied into one lasting message. So the idea was this, when you're feeling stuck, sad or disappointed try imagining the universe (I'm calling it) has presented this to you as a challenge. Let me give you a current example. I went through a breakup early on this year, I didn't really see it coming though hindsight is 20/20. I've spent much time wallowing but I keep coming back to this idea of the universe presenting me with this situation as a test. If that were true, because it could be as much as it couldn't be, how would I approach things differently? Well I might start by accepting that this part of my life has passed, since that takes time to sink in. Next I might reflect on what I learned, how am I better because of the this person, what parts of the relationship did I like and what didn't I like. In that way I gain a clearer perspective of what I want going forward. I have applied this thinking to some tough situations and believe it truly fuels progress. I guess I need there to be a point and I feel comfortable with the experience being the point. Have a wonderful weekend, go live some life!