Ok so this my last fiber push of the season (pun intended). This time of year is so hard with all the holiday parties and extra indulgences at work. They are hard to resist but shit's everywhere. And do you know what all the sugar does to your system? It f***s it up. You get bloated, feel gross and things are not as regular as they normally are. You know what the easy fix is? G*d damn fiber. And the best part? It too, is everywhere. So get it in you fast and often. It probably will fill you up and you may not be so tempted. Double win, double rainbow. Oh, and for the love humanity, drink as much water as possible. We have a special shout-out to Send it and Goodfoot who fearlessly deliver your lunches everyday without question, with a smile and regardless the weather conditions - today is no exception. We love you guys!

Photo cred RW Photography I'm going back to my Ad job next week. It really got me thinking about everything and all the changes that have happened. It has been an epic year my friends. Little ones have grown, I've shrunk, I have found my voice and nurtured my passions, I have fortified existing friendships and even made some new ones. I have a new understanding of the concept "You are what you eat" and "Let food be thy medicine". I have a new love and respect for Ontario and organic farmers and I've ditched the gluten and dairy (for the most part). I have more energy now then I did in my twenties - I even threw a birthday party for 17 four year olds (I may not be repeating that one though). I drink a green smoothie everyday and can't live without chia or hemp hearts. I'm in love, surrounded by love and am loved. Wanna know what else? I celebrate my love affair and friendship with LL. She found a way to get through to me and quite literally turned my life around. She invited me into this wonderful, crazy world of The Goods and I'm blessed to have her in my life. Love you Biz. Madly. This one's for you.

http://24.media.tumblr.com/498428e2d71ec8ee8fd8154ff04c32e5/tumblr_mfi9p0PmFT1qmm89qo1_500.jpg We talk a lot about eating real food.  Food that's not processed or dripping in saturated fats and sugars (even writing that makes me feel sluggish). And along with looking after your beautiful insides we've also talked about your outsides.  Ways to help your skin, your face, etc but we've neglected your teeth. Your teeth. You know them, the 28 of them located in your pie-hole (obviously, I'm not including wisdom teeth, no-one likes them and they're a pain to get removed, so forget 'em).  Eating well completely affects the health of your teeth as it means they're not being continually bombarded with cavity causing crap.  The worst thing we can do is indulged in the sugary stuff, soft drinks being the worst offender of them all.  Bacteria thrive off the sugar in your mouth, causes plaque and converts it into acid which eats away at your teeth.  Ewwwwww gross.   You know that back in the day before toothbrushes, people used certain foods to do all the work.  Eating crunchy fruit & veg actually helps remove plaque. Foods like apples, cucumbers and many other raw fruit & veg and fabulous for your teeth, never mind all the good they do once they're in your body. Our teeth are pretty essential in this whole food consumption thing, so let's look after them.