20130726-081105.jpg On the tail of my post early this week about dinning out with regulars I stopped by The Bickford Flexitarian for lunch. What a brilliant concept! Seriously delicious, simple foods, with something for everyone. I had the raw, walnut tacos with a side of quinoa salad and my friend, who I've actually been lunching with for 29 years, had the fried egg sandwich and the roasted cauliflower side. Both were so yummy and filling. The space is sunny and comfortable, the staff all friendly and very knowledgeable about their food. They offered up details about using only Himalayan salt and even let me read the packaging for their chai teas. Just a great experience and a perfect spot for brunch, lunch or a snack and a chat.

Ma Bitches At The Dizzy I get asked this a lot "My _________ is in town, they're veg where can we eat?" I could list of all the vegetarian, raw or vegan places in the city but really that's an easy web search. What I like best is an amazing mainstream restaurant that has options for everyone. Inclusive is so in. Some favs, in no particular order with a few recos Ursa - Sprouted salad and tofu main with a shrub to sip, outstanding Hawker Bar - Don't ask how many Laksa Lemaks I've eaten and the Silken Tofu is unreal Hole In The Wall -  The tostada hits the vegan, soy and gluten free mark in a delicious way Milagros -  Ensalada costena is raw and do not forget guac, beans and salsa starter OMG Union - It might not look it but they'll whip you up something special without a dirty look Mavrik - Tacos and starters with vegan and gluten-free options These are just a few and of course please share any gems you have with us! Enjoy.  

Lunch with Little Bro Yeesss it's a long weekend and Good Friday so no eating meat today... or any day ever again.... just kidding... kind of. We got a great question from our friend Beth, who Cat and I worked with in our studio days
I’ve been flirting with raw food and finding it very interesting. Something I was wondering was how you deal with going to dinner at friend’s/family’s houses? How do they handle your eating habits? Do you just go with the flow, eat what they make and then get back to the raw food when you’re back at home? Or are they on board with you? I think I would have a hard time getting my mother to wrap her head around raw food.
Basically yes, I go with the flow when I'm at other people's houses while trying to make the best decisions I can. All my people know I don't eat meat, that's a hard rule, but it seems almost everyone these days is up for a vegan meal and it's been getting easier and easier. And my mother has totally come around and is enjoying the benefits of eating raw foods on the regular... it can happen! If I am concerned about there being nothing for me to eat, I bring something safe and delicious to share, then there's no getting stuck or feeling like a picky jerk. I usually have a green smoothie before I go out so I'm not tempted by an empty stomach (good trick, try it). And ultimatly it's more about how you eat most of the time. Whenever good food goes into your mouth you're that much better off. Have a super good weekend and thanks Beth.