The holidays, oh god snacky things all over the office, you can't help yourself. Dinners, pot-lucks, drinks, parties, weird holiday sweater events, all spilling over with food. So much food! You'll go mad guilting over ever morsel that hits your lips, so focus on the good food when responsible for yourself. You know in the morning before work, or durning your lunch. If you eat well two meals a day that's 60% of your diet and a lot of veggies. So what to make.... obviously a daily green smoothie, this will up your intake of leafy greens, raw veggies and fruits this month and prove key to floating happily through the holidays. And if you haven't done the green smoothie thing, it's time. Keep with clean, real food. There will be plenty of opportunities for indulgent meals and treats. When making eats for yourself use whole foods and eliminate the dairy, meat, refined flours, sugars and processed packaged stuff. That kind of food* multiple times a day weighs your mind and body down... lighten up with plants as often as possible. Recipe ideas... click here. * in this case I use the word loosely....

  I've been having a serious love affair with MISFIT for over 7 months, and it keeps getting better. The 31 Day Challenge ended two weeks ago and I feel great. So strong... and maybe a little more superhuman than usual. A lot clicked over the month, regarding my form and flow. Spending so much time with their amazing instructors made all the difference. I managed 31 classes in 31 days and even made MISFIT of the Month, obviously I love that shit! At this point my Pilates/yoga session is as much part of my day as my green smoothie and the combination of the two is incredibly transformative. I highly recommend this to everyone, especially you restless souls seeking change. The cold weather and early evenings are upon us so it's extra important to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Seriously kids, have I ever lead you astray? Give it a go, intro pass at the studio is $45 unlimited mat and THE GOODS has a pickup fridge in the MISFIT lounge. Win win! THE GOODS wants each and every one of you to learn how to make your own green smoothies, we'll have classes in 2014 but in the meantime check our delicious recipes.

Sorauren Snow Awe yes, the question of warmth comes up around living food a lot. Especially this time of year. Everyone is unique when it comes to their dietary needs, but I believe in maintaining 60% raw foods during the Canadian cold season, so green smoothies, salads and other fresh plant-based treats. While the remaining 40% should be warming, cooked foods... and I'm not talking about a piping hot pepperoni pizza either.
  • Things that grow under the soil tend to make us warmer like sweet potatoes, carrots, or maca.
  • Squash also has a great warming effect on the body and they make delicious soups.
  • Spices are helpful, think cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cayenne. Add these to smoothies, or hot teas. Easy way to spice things up and warm yourself at the same time.
  • Beans and legumes are so satisfying, sprout them before cooking for an extra nutrient kick.
  • Grains are both grounding and warming, stick to gluten free options, my top three are quinoa, amaranth and long grain wild rice.
Check out some of our soup recipes here and my fav turmeric smoothie here and maybe invest in a pair of slippers.  

[youtube=] I find it difficult to summarize for people why animal products have such an huge impact on the environment. This video explains what's involved in raising an animal for food. Don't worry it's not graphic, I won't do that to you... not today anyway.  Grow it, eat it. The simple answer is usually the right one.

Chocolate Banana Quinoa After Friday's post about breakfast quinoa I got a little crafty in the kitchen. I love chocolate and bananas, so I used the same left over quinoa and mixed in some cacao, sliced banana, with pumpkin seeds and a dash of honey for sweetness. Delicious! Chocolate Banana Breaky  1 cup cooked quinoa, salted 1 ripe organic banana, sliced 1/2 tsp raw cacao 1 tsp raw honey dash vanilla Mix by hand and enjoy the mind-blowing, all good for you breakfast. The magic of real food %&*!