squats Who's up for a challenge? You know I like a little challenge, especially when I go into it thinking it'll be easy and my rump could look like that when I'm done. I'm giving the squat challenge a go and to prove it I'm on day 5, I work the squats in before I take off to the kitchen in the morning. Easy-peasy.... I'd love one of our new mom friends to try this out with baby strapped to front. Any takers? I wonder how many hits we'll get with the impossible teeny-tiny behind above circulating our social network? Happy squatting!

Asil It's Asil* day at the goods. This woman and her new rump are an inspiration! She's married to a wonderful, blue-eyed man and together they have a lovely two-year old daughter. I feel blessed to have watched her over the past two years as she overcame many hurdles and took complete control of her body. To see her now, if you haven't seen her in a while, you may not recognize Asil. Not only does she look amazing, but her beautiful confidence shines through like never before. After seeing how Asil reshaped her body I decided to tag along to her gym and I've been going regularly since. I was so focused on what I was putting in my body I didn't give enough attention to how I was using it. It's motivating to see healthy eating put to use in a physical way.  For those of you curious about Asil's routine, she has a green smoothie a day, attends boxing or Pilates classes 3 to 4 times a week and chases her daughter old around when she's not at work teaching. She also tries to do two completely raw days a month as a bonus and to keep her on track. Pretty amazing woman and she gives some damn good life advice to boot. *Names have been changed to avoid excessive embarrassment.

Cheer Body I was scared I'd be out of my element when I hit up a Cheer Body class this weekend, but it was fantastic. I've been walking around all day feeling like a tight bottomed cheerleader... now I didn't say looking like one, well not yet anyway. My Pilates instructor Brigitte Grenier has developed an 8 week program to get girls and guys fit and the routine is based on all her years of experience as a dancer, choreographer, kinesiologist, instructor and Toronto Argonauts cheerleader. This chick is crazy fit and her energy and passion is through the roof. Big thanks to Brigitte and Cheer Body, I will be back. And if you're looking for something new check it out, you're sure to be doing high-kicks like the pros in under two months.