20130508-131834.jpg New kitchen project, wheat grass juicing!! It has quite a following as an alternative treatment for curing many diseases, there are clinics all over the world dedicated to treating patients using this therapy. And it's your lucky day, you don't even have to own a juicer to make it at home. A few things to know, the fiber is toxic so it needs to be removed, you can't just throw the grass in your smoothie you need to extract the juice from the fiber. If you have a juicer, push a handful or two through. If not you can use your blender, add a little water and press it through a nut milk bags to remove the pulp... click here for directions. Remember to drink it right away! Wheat grass is a complete protein, it has 10x more calcium than cow milk (gag), lots of iron plus B12 which is hard to find in plants. Cool eh! You can grow it yourself, pick up a bag from Kind Organics at Sorauren Market or most health food stores sell it in potters.