photo cred Cat Remember Lisa's blog Calling all Sickos? She wasn't kidding. It seems like everyone is sick these days.  So I figured I'd share my rescue remedy with you for when the dreaded cold attacks. My secret weapon: Zinc.  In all forms really.  If my throat is sore, I'll take zinc lozenges along with a zinc pill everyday.  Did you know that it can help shorten the length of a cold? Most forms of zinc work equally well, but if you're trying to prevent a cold, use zinc lozenges or a zinc spray made of zinc gluconate. Pills can be a bit harsh on some people's stomach so consume with food, just in case. Though I hope everyone stays healthy for the holidays, if some nasty virus comes knocking on your door at least you'll be better prepared.

Photo Cred Lisa Every second person seems to be sick, it's just that time of year. And if you're skipping your greens, working too hard and partying a bit too much you're probably going to catch the cold... not that I'm willing ill on any of you, I'm just saying. Forget the boxed cold remedies and get on this granny concoction. Hot Cold Tea  1/8" fresh ginger, shaved 1/2 lemon, squeezed 1 tbsp unpasteurized honey 1 cup water, boiled Pour hot water over thinly sliced ginger, add lemon juice and honey. Stir well, cozy up on the couch with a blanket, two schnauzers and enjoy. Ginger is a warming food which makes it perfect for this weather and it helps clear congestion in the nose and throat, lemon is high in vitamin C and honey is soothing for sore throats plus it supports the immune system. This is a quick summary of three pretty fantastic foods that all want to be part of your regular diet. Feel better soon! Thanks to my Grande Jean for coming up with this topic on the fly.