Great question from one of our delivery regulars about sweeteners:
"Where do you stand on Agave syrup? It’s in a lot of “healthy” recipes, but I’ve read some bad stuff about it being as bad as any simple syrup because of the way it’s processed."
Ah yes agave, we don't use it in the kitchen only because it's hard to find good quality agave at a reasonable price. When using it at home I buy from Upaya Naturals. Rumour has it some of the big name brands are cutting agave and/or overheating it which defeats the purpose as it kills any living enzymes and nutrients. Even if the packaging says raw that's not always the case. My sweeteners of choice in liquid form are local unpasteurized honey (not vegan), Canadian maple syrup, coconut nectar (raw) and in powder form xylitol or coconut sugar (raw). And stevia is always on hand. Have a sweet week! P.s. Same two people in that picture, 5 years apart. So much love for that little sweetie!

Ginger Ale Drank I have some of the greatest friends, have I mentioned that? I was over at the Jones' this week for dinner and was lucky to have Bray make an amazing, almost vegan meal that was incredibly delicious and incredibly time-consuming. What a guy! He started things off with mushroom lettuce wraps drizzled with a tamari reduction, followed by two amazing salads (one of which his too young for words wife made) and the main consisted of a ridiculously amazing breaded eggplant topped with tomato pure casserole thing that I can't even describe. The guy knows what he's doing. And if that wasn't enough, I was also treated to an amazing ginger ale made from scratch! Good lord this man. Here is the recipe for the drink, the other items involved too much blood, sweat and tears for me to post. Ginger Ale Drank*  1/2 cup ginger, grated 3/4 cup sweetener - honey, coconut sugar, etc 2 cups water 2 cinnamon sticks San Benedetto sparkling water Reduce all ingredients to a syrup, add to sparkling water and enjoy! I feel like you could make a raw version by blitzing the ingredients in your blender rather than reducing. I'll try and let you all know if it works out. Thanks Jones, I love you guys (that includes Penny and Moses too)! xo *Mr. Jones asked I give credit for this recipe to his friend Kate Ziegler.

Cranberry Juice I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and now you're all back on the wagon starting with a big green smoothie this morning right? My holiday was great, lots of family, friends and delicious food. One dish I loved was a very simple cranberry sauce, basically it was cranberries, orange juice and sweetener boiled until it was a lovely jam-like consistency. Her sauce inspired me to juice some cranberries this morning. This is a delicious juice, high in vitamin C and very easy to make. Holiday Cranberry Juice 12 oz bag cranberries 3 clementine oranges, zest and peel 1" ginger 3 tbsp honey OR coconut sugar OR stevia 3 cups filtered water Blend cranberries, oranges, zest, ginger, sweetener and water, pour through a juicing bag to remove pulp and chill. Delicious and good for you!

Insteada Here's a recipe that's popular with the agency kids, like Teres who can't get enough of it! I don't blame her, it's delicious and a real pick me up first thing in the morning. I recommend having it cold, but using warm/hot water works too. It's packed with amazing nutrient dense, high energy super foods so probably not the best snack before bed. Insteada' Coffee Serves 2 1 cup of filtered water 1 tbsp chia seeds 2 tbsp raw cacao powder 3 tbsp coconut sugar 1 tsp maca 1/2 tsp cinnamon dash cayenne dash Himalayan pink salt 4-6 cubes of ice OR 1 cup hot water Place all ingredients in blender and blend on high until smooth. Add ice OR hot water, blend to desired consistency. Allowing the chia seeds to soak for 15 minutes before blending will provide a silky smoothie texture.