Great question from one of our delivery regulars about sweeteners:
"Where do you stand on Agave syrup? It’s in a lot of “healthy” recipes, but I’ve read some bad stuff about it being as bad as any simple syrup because of the way it’s processed."
Ah yes agave, we don't use it in the kitchen only because it's hard to find good quality agave at a reasonable price. When using it at home I buy from Upaya Naturals. Rumour has it some of the big name brands are cutting agave and/or overheating it which defeats the purpose as it kills any living enzymes and nutrients. Even if the packaging says raw that's not always the case. My sweeteners of choice in liquid form are local unpasteurized honey (not vegan), Canadian maple syrup, coconut nectar (raw) and in powder form xylitol or coconut sugar (raw). And stevia is always on hand. Have a sweet week! P.s. Same two people in that picture, 5 years apart. So much love for that little sweetie!