I'm blogging about back ends again. I'm sorry. This will be the last one for a while... who knows maybe I'll never blog about booty ever again. This is important, a public announcement regarding what I consider to be an epidemic. Too many women are wearing see-through stretch pants. You've seen it and you assume it's not happening to you. Well you're wrong, it's happening to all of us. Everywhere I look there's some chick bent over, with her glory hanging out like it's a thing. Come on, buy a size up. They're tight and you look good, but they don't need to be that tight. It's just silly. If you must stretch the hell out of your stretch pants, wear underwear. Basic stuff. And to all the yoga pant designers, buyers, manufactures, retailers...cut it out. The material was thicker and the sizes bigger like two years ago, stop messing around. Alright, Cat has an awesome recipe for tomorrow I promise. I've digressed and I'm aware of it.