20130915-150222.jpg For all the amazing Cheer Body ladies checking into THE GOODS, here is the recipe from today's class. And here are a ton of other delicious green smoothie concoctions to keep you going. Remember one a day until the next session, that's 2 to 4 cups daily. You will thank me, I see skintight NYE dresses in your future. For those of you looking to shake up your exercise routine, Cheer Body and Brigitte Grenier will take care of you. Tell her THE GOODS sent you.

Red Salad Another great Everyday Go-To class this weekend, such a wonderful group of ladies and one awesome guy. Cat and I are so appreciative of the enthusiasm and their eagerness to live better, it's great to be part of it. Big thanks to MyYen for just being so fantastic, letting us use her space for an East End session was perfect! We have another class scheduled for Sunday, the 27th of January in the West End. You'll learn tons about real food, taste some delicious, easy and super healthy recipes and you'll leave with a full tummy and boost of excitement to eat more real food!

photo cred Cat Lisa and I are very grateful for multiple reasons.  Besides the privilege of being surrounded by amazing, soul restoring friends and family we also get to do what we do best.  Spread "THE GOODS" word. We had such a blast yesterday sharing the knowledge to an great group of peeps. Wisdom was imparted, questions were posed & answered, and great food was made & consumed. And as a bonus, new friendships were made. A total success all in all. So thank you Amy, Noelle, Lisa, Tracy, Scott and Sonya.  You all kinda rocked our world and we're excited for you and for what's to come. And extra big thanks goes out to Teresa for always being a supportive friend and quite a looker if I might add... click here. For all of you future GOODS course takers, fear not as we have loads of courses coming up.  Don't suffer from the FOMO's another day, go to the "classes" tab and register today. Werd.

Photo Cred Lisa We're scheduling our ah-mazing classes before the holidays. Whether you want to combat the usual holiday bulge, prep for your New Year's resolution or just mix up your weekly meals, our classes are a perfect way to get started. We'll demonstrate 5 to 6 recipes for you to try, discuss what's important when shopping, preparing and storing real foods. Plus you get special access to the notes and recipes on our site, plus a little something special to take home. Real Go-to Foods - Sunday, November 4 at 4:00pm to 7:00pm, $50 So smoothies are your new bestie, you’re feeling the amazing benefits of including real food in your daily routine and now you want more… well you’re in luck, the magic doesn’t end with green drinks. Introduce a delicious superfood packed coffee alternative, some daily no-brainer lunches and even a guilt free late night snack or two. Come see The Goods, we’ve got your back on all things lifestyle and food related. Kickstart Smoothies - Saturday, November 17 at 10:00am to 12:30pm, $50 Keep it simple with green drinks. We’ll get you started with some shockingly tasty smoothies, full of all the good stuff like vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants, amino acids and none of the bad stuff. These super easy recipes will open your body and mind to the potential of real food and they will change your life for the better… you’ve been warned. Sprouting For Life - Sunday, December 9 at 4:00pm to 7:00pm, $50 Did you know you can grow fresh, local, organic food in a jar all year around? Well you can with sprouts! These tasty little miracles are full of everything you need to be vibrant and healthy rain, snow or shine. We’ll show you some fancy techniques and load you up with the tools and recipes too. And they're perfect in the case of Stormageddon... or Armageddon for that matter.

What a wonderful night of eating, delicious, healing foods during Elaina Love's Pure Joy Academy Mexican Night. Big thanks to everyone who came out, such a fun high energy group. I will be hosting a Pure Joy Dessert night in the coming weeks, please email me if you're interested. I feel Sunday will be easier than a weekday for most of the downtown group. The recipes on the menu: Key Lime Pie Chocolate Mousse Torte Apple Cobbler with Pecan Crumble Sky High Whipped Cream Superfood Chocolate Clusters Blueberry Cheesecake So happy to be part of this movement, it really is so good.