We got a space. We're going bananas, we're soooo excited. Aiming to open for takeout and pre-order pickup very early 2014, we'll be found at 1255 Dundas West at Dovercourt, South side. Our current delivery service will continue as usual. There is now a kilometre long to-do list, so we're going to take a blogging break. But will be posting lots of photos of THE GOODS' progress at 1255. It's sure to be an adventure. Much more information to come, we thank every gosh-darn one of you for being enthusiastic, encouraging and wonderful. Like us, follow us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @thegoodsisgood

Photo Cred Lisa Today I'm showing off my early birthday present from my family, oh I just love them and this filtration system. Laugh all you want, but this was the only item on my list this year. Our bodies are made up of somewhere between 60-70% water, if I'm drinking tap water which the city uses chlorine and aluminum to purify that means a percentage of my body water also includes chlorine and aluminum. And while I appreciate the effort Toronto goes to to ensure our water is safe, I feel it's up to me to take it to the next level and filter out everything missed as well as anything added. I know, I KNOW you'd rather not know and go about your business, I get it. Though...it's not that big of a deal to have safe drinking water in your home and this is why I chose the Berkey system. It's made in Canada by Canadians, it's way less expensive longterm than other options, it looks great and filters the heck out of your water. You can use it at home or even take it up to the cottage to filter lake water. Plus the elements last for years! It's a no brainer. Information from the city of Toronto on our water, click here.