Photo Cred Lisa It's three years today since losing my dear friend to a senseless act of violence. I have spent much time rolling the details round, trying to match feelings with beliefs, replaying conversations and moments with the intention of finding some good in what seems unimaginably bad. Whether there is peace to be found in the loss of such a remarkable human is unknown, but to deny the impact his life and subsequent death has had on my perspective of the world is impossible. I believe each of us can change the world, I value every incredible being who comes into my life, I am grateful to have been given the gift of growing older, and I do what makes me happy rather than what I think I should do. Skinner your life was short but well lived and your passing changed everything. I love you very much, and I am grateful to have called you my friend. If you have any information on Christoper Skinner's death, I beg you to contact the authorities. Click here.