photo cred Cat Last weekend, we had a total last minute and random idea.  Let's take the kids to the Sugarbush Maple festival at Bruce's Mill Conservation area.  Yup, we did it and what a fabulous time it was.  Albeit sooo cold, with that pesky windchill but whatcha gonna do?  It totally took me back in time as really nothing has changed - except the technology for tapping the trees is more advanced now.  There were rides to be had on Shetland ponies, a petting zoo, a guided tour on foot, a fire pit (which my eldest stated "Muma, I could stay here all day" - bless her), wildlife and wagon rides (which regrettably we didn't do). Real maple syrup is so punk rock.  Remember if you need to sweeten something up a bit, don't use boring white, processed sugar - use maple syrup instead, the 100% pure kind. We're Canadian after all, 75% of all maple syrup production occurs here so let's support them.  Carve out some time next weekend, drive North and get your maple on.