photo cred CAT So I threw my eldest a rainbow themed birthday party last weekend and I must admit, I outdid myself. So much so that one of the kids was actually heard saying "your Mommy is a really good baker". She was referring to my out-of-this-world rainbow cake, to which the response was "I know", like it was common knowledge (bless). And let me tell you, praise from a 5 year old is pretty epic. I might have to document that somewhere officially so when the kids are teenagers, and I'm not as cool, I can remind them (which will probably make me even more uncool....oh well). None-the-less.  As parents we're faced with the dilemma of wanting the party to be fun and delicious yet not just a sea of candy. So to ease my conscience I made a fruit and veg platter in rainbow colours and limited the edibles in the loot bags. I iced homemade banana muffins, offered some rainbow crafts and they bounced in a bouncy castle. All in all, a great time was had and the sugar didn't rule supreme for a change.