Photo Cred Lisa I spent most of my weekend in Kingsville, Ontario. What a lovely town, with roadside markets, wineries, and pick-your-own farms everywhere! Saturday I was at C&D's awesome outdoor wedding inĀ HeritageĀ Village and Sunday I went blueberry picking at Klassen's just down the street. The bushes were heavy with fat, ripe blueberries and we filled four buckets in well under an hour. I'm planning to make a few raw blueberry pies, and I'll freeze some berries as well. Picking is a great weekend outing and there are tons of farms in and around the GTA where you can pick your own berries, fruits and veggies. What better way to get the freshest, in season produce! Plus a little extra time with Mama Nature would do us all good. Check out this great site for PYO listings in Ontario... click!