photo cred Cat I'm back at it again after a 4 year hiatus - making baby food, that is.  First time around, with my now eldest daughter, I relied heavily on store-bought jars of well-liked food. That way I was assured that she had enough in her belly (a very common paranoia of a new parent). I buckled under the pressure and never revisited any of the foods she had rejected, which was most things. Funny, or should I say not-so-funny, at 4 years old she's a bit of a fussy eater.  I'm constantly making 2 meals, her meal and our meal.  Terrible habit, I know, and I may have been able to nip in the bud had I persisted with a wide variety of food (well, this is what I tell myself). So 4 years later, new daughter, new lifestyle, new mission. This time I vowed I would a) make all her food from scratch b) introduce her to every veg under the sun To-date she has consumed a wide variety of local and/or organic fruit and veg and much to my utter delight, she's been gobbling down the stuff with great gusto.  A-mazing. Here's how I do it: Add cooked veg and a bit of water to the vitamix/blender and puree away. Easy-peasy.