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I absolutely love learning new things, and I especially love having access to information that allows me a glimpse into another human’s life experience. I believe new and changing perspectives are everything, especially if we want to develop and grow as individuals and as a collective. I am very fortunate to have had the privilege to experience post-secondary education, it was integral to my first career as a producer in advertising. I will be forever grateful to my parents, this country and my part-time jobs for affording me the privilege of a formal education.

Having said that, school was a challenge for me, especially during the early years before I understood the value of an education and couldn’t have given less of a shit about the curriculum. My short attention span and propensity for calling teachers out on conflicting opinions often got me in trouble, and keeping my grades up was a monumental task. Fortunately, by the time college rolled around, I was so relieved to study something I was actually interested in, Business and Advertising, that my studies felt like a breeze. Plus, practical learning just made so much more sense to me – it boosted my confidence to not feel like a dummy for the first time in my life.

Moving to Toronto and heading into my first job at 21 as a Production Coordinator at Leo Burnett was a whirlwind of new information. I loved it! I couldn’t get enough of my job, I learned countless new things on every project and the people in the city were fascinating to me. As time passed I took some technical courses, read numerous books and met more and more interesting folks. I loved it so much I decided early on that I never wanted it to end, I was committed to expanding my mind for life.

Lucky for me around the same time my career required me on the road Podcasts and Audiobooks arrived on the scene. It was a multi-tasker’s dream. I even went so far as to pull the tape deck out of my car and replace it with another so I could pipe those sweet theatre of the mind sounds into my vehicle (yesss I switched the decks myself and yes I’m totally bragging). This changed the game for me, I was rapidly becoming disenchanted with the rat race and was becoming more curious about food science and politics. Podcasts allowed me to be privy to conversations I otherwise would not had access to and it’s only gotten better over the years.

So here we have it, a wide spectrum of my favourite Podcast series from over the years, in no particular order.

Pro-tip – listen at 1-1/2x the speed if you like fast talk as much as I do.

  • TED Radio Hour – Guy Raz time and time again finds the most interesting people to speak with, this podcast blows my mind. NRP for life.
  • How I Built This – Imagine I’m squealing as I write this – Oh my god soooo good if you have your own business, or you are thinking about starting your own business or you just like a good struggle followed by success story listen in. Guy Raz is the king.  
  • Ultimate Health Podcast Marni Wasserman and Dr Jesse Chappus are next level human beings, they’ve had my back since the early days of the Goods and without question they’ve produced a phonomial series. How they find all these incredible health professionals to interview is beyond me. Bow down.
  • Women of the Hour – A short two season series, hosted and produced by Lena Duhman of Girls, is a feminist’s dream.
  • Lemon Water – A new podcast on the scene hosted by local Michelle Siman, I’m so excited about her lineup of powerhouse women in wellness, I predict this series is going to be a big hit.
  • Buddhist Geeks – A non-dogmatic perspective on being a genuine human and a liberal 101 on Buddhism if you’ve ever been curious to know more.
  • This American Life – I’ve had a longtime love affair with this series, sometimes times it’s way too heavy on US politics for my liking, especially over the last year but still so much gold.
  • Radiolab – Delivers on a vast array of topics, I’m jealous of anyone who gets to listen to this series for the first time. Start at the beginning.
  • Found my Fitness – If you’re really serious about health and the science behind it, these information-rich episodes by Rhonda Patrick will have you furiously taking notes while listening.

Enjoy! I love to talk about this stuff so if you want to discuss or if you have any series you love please share. I want more.


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