Little Green Pill


If there was a pill that helped us feel and look great, curbed our cravings, tidied our digestive tracks all the while nourishing our bodies and upping our health game we’d probably all take it… non?

I’ve been drinking my daily dose of greens for 5 years. By blending your own smoothie regularly you’re setting the intention for good health. Consciously purchasing the organic spinach and kale, discovering your favourite apple, squeezing your lemons, washing the produce and blending it. Considering all the goodness you’re eating before you drink it. There is power in that. You’re seeing it, thinking it, handling it, consuming it. So many touch points for positive intention.

Drinking a thoughtfully made green drink seems to feel inherently good, it’s hard to ignore.

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Chef and Owner at the Goods. Food is at the root of everything, it has the power to impact our health, wellbeing and spirituality, the economy, environment and overall health of this planet.

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I love my daily dose of green! I too have been drinking daily green juice for years and I feel like it is truly a magic miracle worker…I’ll never give it up! Thanks for the post!

Green juice sisters! Love you ELove Xo

Woo Hoo!

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