Make Your Own Damn Lunch


We’re pretty excited, we had the lovely ladies in from The Coveteur and they were just so darn nice and sweet that we decided we should share five of our lunch recipes with them.

What’s so great about these recipes, other than the fact that there are delicious raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free and low-glycemic options…. they are also super easy to prepare, you don’t even need a blender for three of them AND they each make four days worth of lunches. Get yourself organized Sunday night and you’ll have lunch Monday through Thursday. Smart.

Here’s a challenge, over the next five weeks make one salad each week and let us know how great you feel after eating the Goods daily… and how jealous your work mates are over your beautiful lunches and glowing skin.

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I’m taking that challenge! Biggest problem….which one do I make first?! They just look out of this world! Congratulations Lisa & Cat, again!!

Yay! Make them in order of how they appear… there is a method to my madness. xo

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