The Veggies Are Coming


An easy way to guarantee a constant supply of fresh food in your house with little effort is through organic produce delivery. Cat and I both started ordering Mama Earth a while back (thanks Asil) and highly recommend, such a no-brainer.

There are several CSAs in the city and all offer local and/or organic produce delivered to your door weekly. A perfect way to support local business, farmers and trick yourself into eating more greens!


Mama Earth
Fresh City Farms


Natural Earth Organics


Life Organic
Ottawa Organics and Natural Foods 

As the sun peaks through clouds, spring is just around the corner and in no time the CSA baskets will be entirely local, alive and next level delicious!

I cannot wait.

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I am also eager for my delivery to include more local items. Lots of potatoes lately, a bit too many as a matter if fact! I used to drive across town to pick up a CSA order, now I have a delivery service that originates less than 5 miles from my home. I felt that I was burning too much gas for my CSA arrangement to make sense environmentally. I guess my service is not technically a CSA, but I do know they buy as much locally as they can. It’s nice to have options, isn’t it. Sounds like there are many in Ontario.

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