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Ahhhhh the calorie debate. It’s a tricky one. With obesity on the rise all over North America I can kinda understand why our government wants to pass a new law that would require food service premises to post calories on menus.

Here’s the catch. All calories are not created equal. Let’s take a Hostess Twinkie (or let’s not). It’s 150 calories. It’s full of things I can’t even begin to pronounce [auto barf], chemicals, actually come to think of it, it’s all manufactured crap.  BUT….let’s instead take one medium peach, drizzled with one tablespoon of beautiful raw organic honey, and sprinkled with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and chopped cashews. Guess what? 150 calories.

So, calories are important on a broad scope (ie. eating 5000 calories a day ain’t great, which by the way you can only do when you eat processed food) but it will always come down to what’s IN your calorie. So make things easy on yourself. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed, chemical free clean food that is nutrient dense, body-happy and actually have the power to heal and throw out those calorie counters. They’re not needed here.

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I agree with everything else you said in your post, except for the part about 5000 calories being not great.

The amount of calories a person needs will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Some people – like athletes, people trying to gain weight, or people with very fast metabolisms, for example, may need to consume 5000 calories or more a day. It all depends on what you’re doing, what your goals are, and how your body processes energy.

Meow, that is a very good point! Everyone’s dietary needs are unique. Thank you for your input.

It’s all fine and dandy with restaurants having to include a calorie count for menu items…but what would be much better (and certainly more appreciated by people, like me, with allergies and intollerances) would be the full ingredient list for all menu items. It’d save me the continual hassle of having to ask servers who (more often than none) don’t know, have to ask, forget to, have to be reminded again only to come back with some response like either the chef doesn’t know or the item in question is prepackaged and the restaurant simply heats it up. Print ingredients on the menu and it’d make lives easier for everyone involved. :-)

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