Guys/girls it’s fricken freezing outside and only January which means we have at least a month and a half of these polar conditions. Please dress appropriately and protect exposed skin.

Specifically cover your face, the extreme temperatures and winds leave you chapped, red and wrinkled. Moisturize, use an spf and most importantly cover up. This may seem like a no brainer but I’ve seen too many flaming red cheeks. Scarves people please.

I’ll leave you with this… premature aging.

*That’s obviously for you TBay

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Leeeeesa Luuuuucas Eeeeeenough! Oh man, your mom has taught you so much. I hope I’m half the woman & mother she is.

Haha! Oh I’ve met your kid you’re a top notch mamma and you know it!

How cute are you?! Good “power words” – chapped, wrinkled, pre-mature aging! Way to make us listen! “X”
PS – We need an up-date on 1255, any new pictures?

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