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We love our brothers here at the Goods and my one and only bro turned 30 yesterday, thank the gods* the kid is finally catching up.

I’m blessed to have grown up along side such an amazing person. Luc never gives up and he never settles. He has mastered the art of finding the positive in every situation. He’s as stubborn as a terrier but will give you the shirt off his back… and lord knows my friends would love to see him pull that shirt off his back… ugh. His drive and work ethic is an inspiration and I expect big things from this guy in the years to come. Actually I was rallying this weekend for him to run for mayor of Windsor… watch it Francis.

Basically Lucas I want to thank you for being the best and while I have been told my entire life that I have the best brother I don’t tell you enough that I have the best brother. Thank you for everything and especially thank you for being there for me always.

Oh and thanks for introducing me to this gem, I have it on repeat just like you used to!

Happy Birthday little brother! Here’s to your best year yet. xo

*I’m on a Battlestar bender, frak me!


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You are amazing Lisa, just made my week! Your write out is awesome, thanks for taking the time and I can’t believe I made it to “The Good” Blog! Thanks :D

Was that photo taken on your boat / camper? :)

Yes! Boat of course!

Amazing! What a beautiful message! I am so proud of the relationship you have with each other. Thank you for writing that, I know Lucas “knows”, but it sure meant something to him when he read your post, he read it out loud to me and he was really touched. I love “The Sign” – how hilarous is that video?! Thanks Lisa – “X”

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