They’re Upon Us


The holidays, oh god snacky things all over the office, you can’t help yourself. Dinners, pot-lucks, drinks, parties, weird holiday sweater events, all spilling over with food. So much food!

You’ll go mad guilting over ever morsel that hits your lips, so focus on the good food when responsible for yourself. You know in the morning before work, or durning your lunch. If you eat well two meals a day that’s 60% of your diet and a lot of veggies.

So what to make…. obviously a daily green smoothie, this will up your intake of leafy greens, raw veggies and fruits this month and prove key to floating happily through the holidays. And if you haven’t done the green smoothie thing, it’s time.

Keep with clean, real food. There will be plenty of opportunities for indulgent meals and treats. When making eats for yourself use whole foods and eliminate the dairy, meat, refined flours, sugars and processed packaged stuff. That kind of food* multiple times a day weighs your mind and body down… lighten up with plants as often as possible.

Recipe ideas… click here.

* in this case I use the word loosely….

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