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I LOVE my Vitamix, it’s blended over 4000 Ls and runs like a dream. But I like to spread the love, so when it was time to buy a new blender for home I decided to give the Blendtec a spin.

I must say, I’m really happy with it.

The Goods –

Way smaller – actually fits on the counter, under the cabinets
Easy to clean – square canister doesn’t have any nooks or crannies
Cheaper – almost $100 cheaper than the competition
Superficial – really good looking

The Bads –

Less control – blend speed and functions are digital, there are no dials (I like dials)
Messy – the liquid really splashes up the insides and on the lid

Anyone looking to buy a real blender for their personal use, Blendtec is where it’s at. The finished product is smooth, the timer function allows you to do other things while it’s blending and the price savings can’t be beat.

If you want a Vitamix I don’t blame you, I’m not a total convert, I just think the Blendtec is a great option for those of us on a budget.

Ps. What’s in the blender? Spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, pear and water. Fricken’ delicious.

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How long did you have a Vitamix? Do you ever miss it after making the switch to Blendtec?

I still have my Vitmax which is about 2 years old, I use it for my vegan food delivery service. And I love it, such a workhorse. But at home I’m very happy with the Blendtec, it does a great job and due to it’s size just feels more practical for a home kitchen! Do you have a Vitamix?

Do I have a Vitamix? You could say that. :)

But what’s your vegan food delivery service? Sounds delicious.

Haha! Yes I see you’re a big fan!!! Well I would only use the Vitamix in my professional kitchen. And I deliver salads and smoothies daily downtown Toronto

What a wonderful business. You must do well through recommendations alone — I struggled a bit to get information on how to sign up (hypothetically, of course, cause I’m based out of Chicago).

Is that your full time gig? How do you make the deliveries? Where do you cook? What were the challenges in getting past red tape to make happen.

I’m very curious :) and of course admiringly impressed.

Awe thanks! I feel very happy and blessed. We deliver downtown Toronto primarily, and basically sign-up is just ordering through our menu page we do require a group daily minimum of $50 for delivery.

It’s like two full time jobs, but I love it. I rent a kitchen from a very kind friend who owns a restaurant with opposite hours. And red tape wasn’t bad, just check things off the list as I went. For delivery I’ve partnered with a bike delivery co-op, Send It, as well as a not-for-profit, Good Foot, who provides employment to people with developmental disabilities and they ride the subway system.

We’re celebrating our first birthday this coming week, it’s been super exciting and so amazing to see how many people want to eat well, especially if you just do it for them!! Ha!

Chicago is my fav US city, I used to spend a lot of time there in my previous work life.

What you’re doing is amazing, keeping spreading the real food word!! LL

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