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Bunch of Coronation Grapes

Best grapes ever… coronation grapes, very popular in Canada cause they’re Canadian and available only in September. I love them, they remind me of that deep purple grape juice I drank as a kid.

Here is a delicious smoothie recipe that tastes just like grape juice, but with way less sugar and way more good stuff.

Grape Juice Smoothie
Makes 2Ls

2 leaves organic purple kale
1 handful organic spinach OR bok choy
1/4 zucchini
1 organic fuji apple
2 big handfuls coronation grapes
4 cups filtered water
10 drops stevia (optional)

Blend it up, drink it down. Check your teeth.

Side note: If your roomie tells you their mother never let them have grape juice as a kid cause they spilled too much, that probably means they shouldn’t have grape smoothie as an adult. Confirmed.

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What about the pits in the grapes? Can you blend them up? Is that good for you?

Good question! Concord grapes have seeds, Coronation grapes do not. Though they look the same.

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