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I met up with a work colleague the other day to discuss an upcoming project.  After the biz was all taken care of, we got down to the fun stuff. Total catch up session as the last time I saw her, I was 8 months preggers. We finally arrived on the topic of exercise and she shared what she’d been doing for the last 6 weeks. Hula hooping. Yes, you heard me. Clearly I wanted to know everything. She did one better, she showed me a vid of herself doing a routine. I was gobsmacked. It looked like she’d been doing this forever. Not only was I beyond impressed, it also sparked something inside me. I, too, wanted to ‘hoop’. It was so graceful and beautiful, and riveting to watch.

So, on her reco, I’m buying a hoop at Family Hoops in T-dot where they are professionally made and weighted properly and I’m going to watch Deanne Love tutorials (the more I watch her, the more I get excited to try) on YouTube AND THEN in a few month I’m going to post my progress. Here we go…

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How Perciting!
My Girliefriend Marie ‘hoops’ and can fill you in on any deets you need. She LOVES it. Every Wednesday she troops off to hoop. She does a class at a community center with several people. She’s gonna be delighted when I tell her that you’ve caught the bug. :-)

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