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It’s been a gorgeous, sunny weekend and I can hear that blasted ice cream truck doing its lap around the neighbourhood.

Peachsicle, Orangesicle OR Whateveryouwantsicle

2 cups nut milk
3 ripe peaches OR 2 med oranges
15 drops stevia
5 drops vanilla
1/2 tsp ground vanilla pods (optional but good)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tray of ice, more or less

Blend all ingredients adding ice one cube at a time until desired thickness. Play around, add nutrient dense superfoods like cacao and a bit of maca for a richer, chocolatey flavour.

Cinnamon is said to lower blood sugar, which balances the fruit sugars and stevia sweetens without increasing the glycemic index of the treat! Win win, everybody’s happy… except the driver of the ice cream truck.

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