Cheerleader for the goods

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Love the concept! Thank you for posting the video. After just having my roof replaced, I wish that someone had come up with a ‘solar shingle’ so that instead of mounting an additional solar panel to my roof, the shingles themselves would be the solar panels. Even if all it did was to heat the hot water for the house it’d be something. Can you imagine if every home had a solar roof?

…and to the naysayers who come up with the ‘it’s all fine and dandy but what happens when it’s cloudy outside’…do your research. Even on cloudy days solar panels can generate electricity. It’s amazing on how much energy is in ambient light.

I simply wish that the technology wouldn’t be so cost prohibitive or I’d be all over solar in a heartbeat. Someone has to work on that part next. :-)

Cars and trucks driving on a glass surface????? How is that going to work with braking in a panic stop????

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