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THE GOODS is a group effort, every one of our followers, lunch goodies, students, friends and family members have been part of our creation. We get emails, stopped on the street, phone calls, text messages, tweets, Instagramed and Facebooked. We love it and we love you.

Today we are especially excited, we have a new goodie joining our daily team. Raina Kirn is a long time friend of both Cat and mine. She has incredible style and a passion for real food. Come on, she’s a West coaster, it’s in her blood.

Raina’s first order of business is to bring the Nori Bowl to lunch delivery. This salad is made with crunchy napa cabbage and spinach, peppers, cucumber and organic edamame. Topped with a sprinkling of black sesame and shredded nori. Mix it all up with a creamy ginger-miso dressing and a side of rice. It is delicious!

More exciting updates to come from THE GOODS… maybe we can even convince Raina to do a food photo blog or two…

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Chef and Owner at the Goods. Food is at the root of everything, it has the power to impact our health, wellbeing and spirituality, the economy, environment and overall health of this planet.

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A question … Is it possible for you to post the recipes for food that gets delivered so those of us who can’t get lunch delivery can attempt to make those delicious dishes for ourselves to take to work?

Just ask’n 😋

Love the site, love you fantastic Gals and especially love the food.



Alex Leech 416-268-2318

Next time, let me take the photo and I’ll frame it better so that you ladies are more in the photo. :)

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