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Sprouting with a nut milk bag

Other than my chef knife and cutting board the item I use the most in the kitchen is a nut milk bag. Basically it’s a washable fine mesh bag that makes food life way easy.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not just for milking:

1. Make nut and seed milk
2. Juice veggies and fruits using your blender
3. Sprout
4. Ferment raw nut and seed cheese
5. Make nut and seed flour (well that’s just pulp leftover from milk that’s been dried)

Some health food stores carry the bags, like the Carrot Commons, Elaina Love sells her Amazing Nut Milk Bag online plus I have a few on hand for sale or Juicerless sells a great quality bags on their site or through eBay.

A fun kitchen tool to play around with, the blender juicing option alone makes it worth it.

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