Goods to Know Bye Bye Fruit Flies

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Alright! I know we should love all creatures of this earth but wow the fruit flies are brutal this time of year. And living in a building with no compost makes it challenging to say the least (don’t even get me started on the composting issue!).

But there is a quick solution, drill or hammer some holes in the top of a small mason jar. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and voila! you have a very effective fruit fly trap.

Sorry little guys.

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We’ve tried quite a number of things to combat the problem. This is the fruit fly trap we make…and it can all be made totally easily. Here’s what we do:

1. Find a jar. Mason jars are great…but one of the taller ones. I’ve had better success with a taller jar like a pickle jar.
2. Take a piece of paper (scrap paper is fine…so is an old envelope, newsprint, etc.) and roll the paper into a cone shape. Leave a very small hole at the the end of the cone for the fruit flies to crawl through (the diameter of a pencil is good). Try to make sure that the cone fits into the jar so that the tip hangs in the jar and the wide part of the cone touches the edges of the jar.
3. Tape the outside edge of the paper so the cone keeps it’s shape.
4. Bait the trap with some fruit, fruit scraps or something sweet. Cider vinegar works awesomely just as you’ve suggested. Put this into the jar.
5. Place the tip of the paper cone into the jar.
6. Tape the paper cone to the outside of the mouth of the jar.
7. Put the newly constructed trap near the source of your fruit fly problem.

In a very short time you’ll see fruit flies on the inside of the trap. Wait a few days and take the jar outside. Remove the cone to release the flies. The jar can then be washed out and the trap can be set again with another cone and bait.

After a few successful catches and releases, your fruit fly problem will be gone.

I can honestly say that this is the best way to deal with fruit flies and one that I use often with great success.

I’ve posted a picture of the set up we use on my site:


Wow Simmah! You’ve got a lot to say about fruit fly traps! This is so great and totally works like a charm! I just like the jar lid cause you can put it on a shelf and forget about it as it just looks like a jar. Oh those fruit flies don’t stand a chance against us! xoxoxoxo

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