Asparagus Heaven

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What the f*** am I going to eat for dinner? I don’t want anything heavy or complicated but I want it healthy. Oh I’ll have an omelette but I only have 1 beautiful organic egg… BUT I do have the following in my fridge (thank you MamaEarthOrganics): Asparagus and spinach. And there you have it. So damn delish, it may be my new go-to. Oh and little one sat on my lap and popped the asparagus bits in her mouth while I ate. Riiiiight?

All you need:

1 organic/local egg
Organic Asparagus diced – as much as you’d like
Organic Spinach – handful
Pink Himalayan salt – dash

Fry up the asparagus for 5 mins, then add spinach for the last minute then crack an egg on top and mix it all up until the egg is cooked. Slap it on a plate and sprinkle with Himalayan salt. Easy-peasy.

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