The Pesto Payoff

So the lovely Meej & Niall had their baby shower over the weekend. I was on the hook to bring some food. I hemmed and hawed over what to bring then my Mother’s voice filled my head. “Make it easy for yourself. Don’t make a whole bunch of different dishes, just make one really big one.” So guess what I made? Ahhh yeah, good ‘ol pesto pasta salad but with a healthy twist. Rice pasta instead of reg pasta, Best Pesto Ever, a whack load of yellow & red peppers, fresh sundried tomatoes, and kalamata olives.

The beauty of it – you can add whatever you want in whatever quantity you like. This was such a hit and so easy to make that it should be everyone’s go-to potluck dish.

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I ate a LARGE quantity of that salad! xo

Oh I’m so happy to hear!

AND….it’s gluten-free! So people like me can totally enjoy it to. And believe you me….I DO! :-)

You were my inspiration – as usual. I always say, if my brother can eat it, everyone can eat it. I’ll make you a special batch when I see you next :)

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