Get With The Program Ken

No big surprise, Barbie got reunited with Ken 2 weeks ago in our household (Thanks Simmah for making that happen). But a couple of things just didn’t add up.

First of all, what’s wrong with Ken’s hair? He looks more like “Something about Mary”. More alarming than that was what he came with. A box of chocolates. Are you kidding me? Chocolates? Not even raw cacao? Do you even know Barbie? Look at her, she’s a mermaid, an astronaut, owns her own horse, dog, house, car, high-speed blender (probably a Vitamix) for smoothies, she recycles, does all her own cleaning and the list goes on. And you’re bringing chocolates to the table? Why don’t you get her a dehydrator or a water filter and then maybe you’ll get a second date guy.

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Cheerleader for the goods

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Not to mention the fact that he didn’t even come dressed for dinner. The outfit pictured was an add on as I wouldn’t hear of him appearing in your household without something decent to wear. Even though I think he looks like he raided Don Cherry’s closet. The alternative was board shorts and a tank top. Not appropriate dinner attire. Not appropriate at all.
…and don’t get me started with the hair. I remember when all Ken sported was a plastic doo. The whole “boy band” look doesn’t really work. Hopefully Barbie will have something to say about it all and send him off to visit Tabitha Coffey and get straightened out.

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