Protein? Pleeease!
Big thanks to one of our fav goodies for getting me all fired up about protein today.

Listen. If you want to eat meat go for it, but not because you think you have to. Protein deficiencies are not an issue for most/all Westerners and looking to meat exclusively as a quality protein source is outdated.

Sure animal products have protein but they have a lot of bad stuff too, and don’t even get me started on the environmental impact or the animal suffering (life changing link, you’ve been warned).

Our bodies are not designed like carnivores, we don’t have the teeth, jaw or the short digestive tract of a carnivore.

It’s important to educate yourself and while I love posting about celebrities I think the best example are athletes. These people don’t sit at a desk all day and more and more of them are switching to plant based diets as the results are easily tracked and tough to dispute.

Eat what you want, just know why you’re eating it.

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Eat what you want, just know why you’re eating it. What a great piece of wisdom!

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