Puff The Magic Cereal

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New obsession. Quinoa puffs. They are lovely and a really nice & healthy breakfast alternative. Serve it with some sliced fruit and homemade almond milk. And don’t forget your peppermint tea with a dash of local unpasteurized honey. Nice one Gov’na.

Quinoa Puffs (think making popcorn on the stove)

1. Check to see if your organic quinoa is pre-washed. If not, rinse thoroughly and let dry.
3. Spread a single layer of quinoa in frying pan over med-high heat.
4. Keep mixing/shaking the pan until you smell them roasting, then remove from heat immediately (constantly agitating them will prevent burning).
5. Transfer to a bowl right away – cool – eat. Store leftover in air-tight glass jar.

They can also be sprinkled on salads too for a different texture. Enjoy.

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Do you put some oil or something in the frying pan first? Or just put the quinoa in a dry pan?

Right in the frying pan it goes my friend.

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