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Ursa Root Vegetable Salad

I must post about THE MOST AMAZING dinning experience I’ve had in Toronto. It was at Ursa a few weeks back, I’m telling you this place is for everyone: vegan, veggies, raw foodies, carnivores, celiacs, locavores, teetotallers, you name it. And not the kind of place that just pulls the bread from your bruschetta and calls it gluten-free, oh you know who you are Dundas and Palmerston…

Ursa is a real food experience, it’s clear the kitchen thinks about the whole picture; presentation, taste, experience, love and nourishment. Their delicious root vegetable salad came with a side of sprouts still growing in soil to be trimmed at the table… the epitome of living food. The housemade silken tofu amazing! And, as a non-drinker I was able, for the first time, to sample housemade drinks. In this case they were delicious kombuchas and vinegar shrubs and the bartender (Robin Goodfellow) was SO into his art it made it all the more exciting. Really all the staff seemed eager to describe and discuss the food and their process.

I could go on, but I’ll keep it proper blog short, plus I don’t have the words to do the place justice. Just check it out.

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Finally! A place that has the ‘presentation’ down pat. Love the fact that it looks like there is nice napkins and the tableware is matching. Was it a place that you could take someone on a date to and get a bit dressed up to go? There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have to be covered in patchouli and dressed in hippie-chiq in order to dine at a place where the service is deplorable, the chairs don’t match, the cutlery looks like it’s been bought out of the bargain bin at Value Village, and the table manners of the other patrons reminds you of barnyard animals. This sort of thing seems to go hand-in-hand with vegetarian/vegan restaurants. At least it does in Vancouver. There’s no real place to go for a ‘nice meal out’. So very awesome to hear that there’s at least one place in Canada that has gotten it right. Makes me happy. Please ask them to open up a location in Vancouver would ya? :-)

Haha! We were just talking about that very thing this morning. Yes it is a nice place, good ambiance for sure, classy but not pretentious. You would enjoy! Next time you’re visiting we’ll go for dinner and bring our god daughter. xox

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