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Happy Thursday everyone, the sun may not be shinning but it’s trying and the air is mild. Big sigh of relief. We’re getting there. Fantastic question from KJ, a friend of THE GOODS and owner of Peaks & Rafters on Dupont and Christie.

I’m a longtime Vitamix user- my entire family has been for years. Recently my Dad started adding fancy things like white chia seeds, ground flax, omega oil and bee pollen. Can all these things be mixed together in my green drinks or shall I stay the course and stir clear?

Yes all those things are fine, great actually! Though I’d suggest using only one “extra” per smoothie as they can be expensive and more than 5 ingredients per drink is plenty. If you add too much stuff your body can’t process it all and you just end up expelling it. Waste of really good food.

Thanks girl! We love you and your question. Tell your dad we said good work!

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