Squats Please


Who’s up for a challenge? You know I like a little challenge, especially when I go into it thinking it’ll be easy and my rump could look like that when I’m done.

I’m giving the squat challenge a go and to prove it I’m on day 5, I work the squats in before I take off to the kitchen in the morning. Easy-peasy…. I’d love one of our new mom friends to try this out with baby strapped to front. Any takers?

I wonder how many hits we’ll get with the impossible teeny-tiny behind above circulating our social network?

Happy squatting!

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I am totally up for the challenge. Will schedule it into my calendar starting tonight.

And Suraya too! She’ll love it, put on a good song and squat it out together!

I’m in…. I start today!

Ya! Strap Rubs on the front!

Do you have a program that starts at -30 days? LOL

and do we get before and after pics?

It’s been under discussion, likely you’ll just have to take my word for it…

I’m in. Starting today.

Awesome!!! I’m so hooked!

I’m in. I’m gonna start tonight!! Lets see how long I can stick to it.

I’m in on this, too! Day 5 today. Sans baby though. :)

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