I’m A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World

photo cred Cat

Oh yes, you are actually seeing this.  Barbi is making smoothies.

A) Thank you Simmah for finding these “accessories” and mailing them too us.
B) I now understand why Barbi looks so youthful at 54 years old. Imagine what she’d look like if she added some greens?
D) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
E) From this point on, I shall refer to my Vitamix blender as my accessory and vow to make all future smoothies in 5-inch heels and a Paris-inspired tank top and pencil skirt.*

* This will never happen.

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Yes indeed…it’s all about the accessories! It’s worth noting that the blender is an “action” blender whereby you press the pink button and the image of the contents of the blender spin around. It’s all very effective. Not to mention the cutting board, Barbi plastic knife (soft bendy plastic and softer than some of her heels) and fruit. Accessories RULE!!!
…now about the 5-inch heels, Paris-inspired tank top and pencil skirt. It HAS to happen…and I want pictures!!!! ;-)

Of course, for you, I will try. xxx

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