Ahoy-Hoy Aroy

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Are you ready for this?  Best kept secret. Aroy-D Red Curry.  Seriously. It’s $1.99 and it’s awesome.  Introduced by my BF “Kale” waaay back this stuff never fails. Add whatever tickles your fancy but Lisa and I love adding every veg under to stars and 1/2 a can of organic coconut milk (for every can of red curry). Then make some lovely brown short grain rice and Bob’s your uncle.

No need to add anything else. There is nothing artificial in it. All real ingredients. Do yourself a favour and try it out. Cheap, delish and easy. Does it get any better?

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You girls know all the tricks! luv this stuff. have you tried the green?

Yes – it’s awesome too. Am I right in thinking that the green it’s hotter? I’ve just always stuck to the red. I’m going to buy the green next time and try that again.

only thing it is in a can and the metal alone is so dangerous for your body. i use the one in the glass jar or make my own. add veggies, coconut milk from young coconut2farmers market(juiced myself) and put over black rice(more nutritional). yum. thanks

I totally agree on the tin thing for sure but sometimes you need something in a pinch. Your version sounds delish though.

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